• Striped Doughnut Pyramid Necklace

    5 cm long x 4 cm high x 1/2 cm in width For the Fried Dough Ho in everyone, this spectacular necklace is comprised of six striped doughnuts, chained together in a classic triangle shape.

  • Tarot Card Charms

    Measuring approximately 4 cm high by 2 cm wide each, these individual charms are miniature, laminated Tarot cards carefully sandwiched in frames of sterling silver and held with miniature brass screws. Available by commission – please inquire.

  • Enochian Circlet

    57 cm round x 2cm high The 22 letters of the Enochian alphabet are fashioned in sterling silver and niello. Made to fit snuggly around the head, this sterling silver headpiece was designed for Enochian workings where the appropriate letter can be placed on the crown chakra for the invocation of the specified key or …

  • Niello Alchemical Brooch

    10 x 4.5 cm – sterling silver, carved smoky moonstone, bronze, gold leaf, 14k gold, and niello From my explorations into the arcane symbolism of alchemy comes this one-of-a-kind brooch made under the auspices of the niello master, Philip Fike. Niello is a black mixture of copper, silver, and lead sulphides, used as an inlay …