Apron of Hod

Apron of Hod

And with my feet shod with resolve,
I then gird my loins with focused intent.
Thus do I bind about me the lambskin apron;
Symbol of mastery, Expression of direction.
White of purity, Lambskin of innocence.

The tool within Hod is both the Apron and Versicles, the call and response part of a religious ceremony. To incorporate both tools into my project, I made paper in three of the four colors of the color scale and printed upon those sheets of paper versicles from various ceremonies including the Gnostic mass. The apron was constructed as indicated by traditional Masonic tradition, 12×16 inches with a cord of 108 inches. On the flap of the apron is the image of a Hermaphrodite from the alchemical text, Rosarium Philosophorum. The hermaphrodite is an obvious reference to the Greek god Hermes, a Mercurial god who appears in Hod.

Part of the installation exhibit The Magickal Tools of the Kabbalah.


(In a private collection)

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