Lamp of Netzach

Lamp of Netzach

I am armed, I am strong
but I am blind and in darkness.
How shall I find my way on the road that I pursue?
Thus do I lay spark to the Lamp of Understanding.
Light blazes before me, the Path to Heaven is Illumed.
The magickal tool in Netzach is the lamp and its purpose within the aspirant’s temple is to throw light and illuminate the way towards the desired victory. Utilizing the correspondences of Venus I forged the lamp in copper and colored it according the color scales in shades of green and amber. The lamp’s pulchritudinous is an overemphasis of the sensuous and seductiveness of the feminine form as well as the allusion towards the feminine correspondence to the “Vision of Beauty Triumphant.” The flame burns at the chakra point of Netzach, the solar plexus and placed on the underside of the lamp is a sterling silver rose, another allusion to Netzach.

Part of the installation exhibit The Magickal Tools of the Kabbalah.


(In the collection of the artist.)

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