Sandals of Yesod

Sandals of Yesod

My mind soars, the Universe opens up before me!
Arise I upward upon the wings of spirit
shedding the clay that has weighted me down.
But how shall I walk upon the Firmament of Nu?
By binding on the sandals of this Holy Ground!
Yesod means Foundation and it is here where the aspirant begins conceptualizing the spiritual work to be accomplished. Because Ganesha is one of the gods who appear in Yesod, around the base of the sandals I have included some of the holy names of Ganesha in Sanskrit. Also, please note that the front of the sandals have toe-nails, another allusion to the great elephant god. The sandals are constructed from steel, purple heart wood, sterling silver, nickel silver, and amethyst cabochons. Using the color scale within Yesod, the sandals are primarily purple in color.

Part of the installation exhibit The Magickal Tools of the Kabbalah.


(In the collection of Mrs. Vinetta Burton)

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